Project name Fourier Transform Spectrometer Mechanism for SPICA SAFARI
Client / customer TNO, financed as a NSO PEP study
Partners -
Description SPICA (SPace Infrared telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics) is a proposed next generation space infrared observatory. The mission will study formation of planets, solar system processes, and the origin of the universe. SPICA is an international project, led by the Japanese space agency JAXA, with contributions from Europe.
SPICA will have a single 3.5 m mirror operating at 4.5 Kelvin. The SAFARI (SpicA FAR infrared Instrument) imaging FTS (Fourier Transform Spectrometer) is one of five anticipated focal plane instruments. It will operate in the wavelength range of 35 to 210 micrometer.
SAFARI contains an Optical Delay Line (ODL) scan mechanism: FTSM.
Entechna participates in the FTS mechanism development.

Entechna made a concept design for the Launch Lock. The lightweight Launch Lock is re-lockable and self-locking; no power is needed in the locked and the unlocked state. The Launch Lock is kinematic and force closed and therefor independent of friction.
Summary (PDF) -

1: FTSM 2: FTSM with some
optical components
3: FTSM with Launch Lock

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