Project name Electromagnetic actuator and bearing design
Client / customer undisclosed
Partners undisclosed
Description For several clients Entechna has designed linear electromagnetic bearings and actuators. These electromagnetic devices are characterized by their high efficiency (N/ampere-turn, N/√W) and force density (N/mm3). The table below summarizes the main properties:

type translation, 1 DOF
translation, 1 DOF or 2 DOFs
stroke up to 90% of airgap
up to 50mm
size > ø4 x 10mm
typical ø25 x 75mm
magnetic principle reluctance. Heteropolar or hybrid magnetic circuit; the coil flux does not pass through the permanent magnets, resulting in high efficiency and motor constant
  • position independent motor constant
  • constant magnetic stiffness
    (< 5% variation over stroke)
  • stiffness point moves together with the CoG of the moving part
  • possibility to implement redundant coils
  • low moving mass
  • low moving mass

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